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Dr.Doc AI will transcribe and document your appointment notes with SOAP style - in 3 seconds.

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“Saves countless hours... [Dr.Doc AI] has greatly improved my patients clinic experience & freed up my time to spend with my family and friends.- Shahbaz Malik, MD

Transform Your Evenings

Faster Documentation

Save hours every day as AI quickly documents your prompts into SOAP.

Accurate, Comprehensive Notes

No key details missed; NLP AI will learn from your SOAPs to make perfect notes.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Doctors' lives transformed as clinic work is completed in the clinic.

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Clinical Documentation for 88% less cost compared to Dragon One!

Simple no-tricks pricing

Dr.Doc AI system outperforms traditional clinical documentation tools available using natural language processing. - Letting physicians to focus on what matters most.

What's included

  • 12 appointments free each month
  • AI that learn your unique SOAP style
  • Secure and encrypted note history
  • Documentation done in seconds

Early Access Pricing

$35/ month

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